EdVisions is a Minnesota based non-profit educational development organization focused on innovation through personalization, teacher and student empowerment and student-driven, project-based learning. Since 2000, EdVisions has helped to create and sustain a network of public charter schools across the U.S. using the EdVisions model. Our organization provides support for school transformation and new school development, including coaching, workshops, conferences, access to research and a variety of instructional and assessment tools.



Our mission is to help create and sustain great schools.  Our vision is to work with public and private partners to help create and transform schools that prepare students for college, careers and global citizenship using the most student-centered teaching and learning.

EdVisions’ approach focuses on highly personalized learning. Through the training, teachers learn to create dynamic, student-centered learning experiences where they can achieve curriculum standards through rigorous, engaging projects that are driven by student interest and community/global connections. In schools that have embraced the EdVisions approach, educators experience a new level of professionalism by empowering them to develop systems of teacher governance and shared leadership.

Results for schools in operation for three years or more demonstrates that the EdVisions model can have a powerful impact on students’ long-term success. The ‘Ed°Essentials,’ provide the research-based best practices and operating principles. When coupled with the design process, teachers create powerful learning experiences and environments for their students. The Ed°Essentials, consist of four major components: self-directed project based learning, learning community approach, authentic assessment and teacher ownership.