The Ed°Essentials, consist of four major components:

Authentic Learning Community
Developing a strong, healthy and highly personalized learning community where every student is treated as an individual. Advisories focus on Social Emotional Learning through positive, caring relationships that model and practice respect, responsibility and Restorative Justice. Community engagement is highly encouraged by the advisory groupings, student voice in the school community, and student participation in community events.

Personalized Learning Through Self-directed Project-Based Learning
Empowering individuals to be self-directed producers and learners using tools such as Personal Learning Plans, Inquiry, and Experiential learning. This learning, supported by constructivist pedagogy, equips students with the knowledge and skills for an engaged post-secondary life.

Authentic Assessment
Assessing life, cognitive and career skills and knowledge through comprehensive and formative assessment systems. This is accomplished by utilizing practices and instruments such as project demonstration, assessment by more than one adult, an iterative process, a post secondary plan, and the HOPE survey. This process results in improved deliverables and quality outcomes.

Teacher Ownership/Democratic Governance
Empowering educators as owners and leaders of a democratic learning community by promoting autonomous school management. This includes group and individual responsibility and accountability for budget, staffing and educational programming. This modeling of ownership and democratic leadership also inspires students, parents and community members to actively contribute to decision making.