Practitioner Toolkit

Save time with valuable resources you can put in place today.

As a teacher leader who is working to better engage students in learning through the Ed°Essentials principles, the ability to achieve your goals is ultimately dependent upon having enough time and capacity.

To support your efforts, we offer student-tested resources and access to the EdVisions community of schools and teachers who have already implemented sustainable methods of teaching and learning.

With these materials and the entire network of student-centered schools, you’ll have immediate support and ongoing guidance available to help you create and sustain a more personalized school experience.


Ed°Essentials Practitioner Toolkit

Based on the Ed°Essentials principles for teaching and learning, the toolkit is a collection of ongoing and legacy work from urban and rural schools across several states.

Toolkit subscribers get immediate access to:

  • Annually updated

    best practices and emergent practices.

  • Downloadable

    ideas, templates, activities, and other resources aligned with the Ed°Essentials. They can be used as is - or they may spark an idea and you can adapt them to fit the needs of you and your students.

  • Contact information

    for schools across the EdVisions network. Meet other practitioners who speak the language of the Ed°Essentials and share goals of improving public education.

  • Online community group discussions.

  • Opportunities to contribute

    your own resources for colleagues across the nation to access.

  • Opportunities to suggest

    specific problems of practice that we might discuss together online, gathering a panel of “experts” (fellow educators who have been successful in that area or have ideas for improvement) to lead the discussion, and open to all in the network.

  • Quarterly EdVisions field newsletters.

Toolkit Pricing

EdVisions uses the Classroom/Advisory Teacher as the benchmark for pricing since specialist teachers, SPED teachers, guidance, etc. vary in many schools.

Up to 10 Classroom/Advisory Teachers

$1,900 per year
($190 per teacher)

Up to 30 Classroom/Advisory Teachers

$3,000 per year
($100 per teacher)

Up to 50 Classroom/Advisory Teachers

$3,500 per year
($70 per teacher)

Up to 75 Classroom/Advisory Teachers

$4,500 per year
($60 per teacher)

Up to 100 Classroom/Advisory Teachers

$5,000 per year
($50 per teacher)

Over 100 teachers or Multiple schools or Full districts

Customized subscriptions developed with the Chief Development Director to meet your programmatic and fiscal needs.

Individual practitioners, school teams, and entire school systems can benefit from access to the Ed°Essentials Practitioner Toolkit.

EdVisions provides what is necessary to help you meet the needs of students with efficiency and confidence. If you’re ready to receive these teacher- and student-tested resources, contact us today.