Empowering Events

Transforming your Learning Community through Essential Professional Development

A healthy school culture is not limited to interactions between teachers and students. Administrative policies and coworker interaction are also crucial to providing quality education.

Both students and teachers deserve to be empowered - and everyone performs better when they are.


A 2-4 hour interactive online session, EdVisions conversation days set the goal of arriving at an expressed outcome centered around a particular problem of practice or one of the Ed°Essentials principles.

This session has evolved from 30 years of experience with learning circles resulting in generative dialogue. Over the years, hundreds of educators who have attended EdVisions conversation days have expressed the value of being able to converse deeply with colleagues as both inspiring and rejuvenating.


A 3-5 day in person gathering, EdVisions Summer Institute offers your school’s team the opportunity to engage deeply in the work of energizing the vision for your school.

For an opportunity to bring about deep change and unified buy-in for a direction forward, the Summer Institute has been the flagship of EdVisions work. Often attended by 50 to 100 educators, this community experience becomes a strong foundation for continuous improvement and exemplary performance.


A 3-5 day in person gathering, Edvisions Leadership Institutes allow your team to work towards a specific goal with oversight by an EdVisions Senior consultant and Certified Leader guiding your group to successful outcomes.

Designed for veteran and aspiring leaders, this seminar dives into the heart of the matter – leadership and its impact and influence on the culture and performance of the school. EdVisions promotes a distributive leadership model as evidenced by its work with teacher-empowered schools, educator collaboratives, and community and school partnering.

Empowerment for your learning community

through democratic learning and leading

When people have voice and choice, they are engaged and contribute to a culture of hope.

Collaborative spaces that support dialogue are needed to co-create meaningful change. Coming together with your team or showing up individually for an online discussion or in-person gathering will help you clarify your goals.

EdVisions is ready to host and coach your team to make a difference for your students, coworkers, and community.

Are you ready for professional development that engages your learning community?