Certified Leadership Courses

Earn CEU Credits and Certification as a School Transformation Leader

Exceptional schools need effective leaders to ensure students are truly educated.

As schools tend to be over-managed and under-led, students are taught a pre-established curricular calendar and must be kept “on grade level” as regulated by the state.

This conveyor belt system disappoints more students than it excites.

But a student centered approach with a personalized environment is possible.

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Leadership Microcredential Courses

EdVisions offers 6-week online courses for teachers and school administrators.

Participants of the course attend virtual sessions, participate in online modules, and complete participant action research projects to ensure that learning is applied and in use at the school(s) in which you serve.

Course Credit / CEUs

  • Each 6-week course is offered for 1 credit / microcredential certificate.
  • Participants may also take these courses for CEU (Continuing Education Credit).
  • Those who complete all courses (6 in total) are granted the EdVisions School Leadership Credential.

Course Location

  • Course is conducted online with potential 1:1 sessions in person depending on your location (travel is not necessary)
  • Research is conducted based on locations chosen by the participants.

Course Time

  • Each course is 6 weeks in length
    • 4 weeks for meetings and modules
    • 2 weeks for exhibition prep
  • Time required for each course is approximately 21 hours / 3.5 hours per week.

Course Delivery

  • Virtual 1-hour meetings or workshops with the whole class (4 per course)
  • Virtual or in-person 30-minute meetings conducted 1:1 (1 per course)
  • Ongoing research-based online modules (approximately 4 hours per course)
  • Participant action research project(s) supervised by a site-based mentor (approximately 2 hours per week)
  • Virtual 1-2 hour learning exhibition (1 per course)

Course Prerequisite

An introductory session (Preparing for Action Research) consists of a single 90-minute virtual session is required to participate.

Course Costs

  • EdVisions Microcredential Certificate + CEUs - $200 per course
  • EdVisions Microcredential Certificate + College Credit - $300 per course

You can be the leader who implements systems that:

Sparks joy in lifelong learning

Optimizes student and faculty talents

Prepares youth for happy, healthy, and engaged citizenship

Leadership is a practice, not a position.

Leadership is a collection of behaviors, rather than a role to be played by a single hero.

Edvisions can help you verify your skill set as a transformative leader.

With the EdVisions microcredential courses, you can have your skills verified while earning certification. You will gain certification and the confidence to influence your community to develop excellent schools.

Are you ready to gain certification to strengthen your leadership skills?