School & Immersion Experiences

This spring, we are hosting a series of Immersion Learning Visits at three innovative EdVisions schools: Northwest Passage High School, Avalon Charter School and Minnesota New Country School.


For more information, visit the event page or Eventbrite to purchase your tickets.

EdVisions offers customized, immersive experiences with our partner schools.  Our partner schools work with us to offer deep learning to educators through site visits and hands-on learning experiences.  Many of the teachers at our partner schools serve as our cadres who offer professional workshops for educators on the application of the Ed°Essentials.

Our partner schools have been identified by EdVisions as schools that have utilized the Ed°Vision and specifically, the Ed°Essentials, successfully for many years.  These schools are willing to showcase and share their learning through site visits, workshops, student presentations and coaching.

Contact EdVisions today at to schedule an immersive school experience at one of our partner schools!

This summer we will be hosting three 2-day workshops this summer to meet your professional development needs. Check out the workshop topics and mark your calendars for those dates. All workshops will take place at the our offices in St. Paul, MN.

June 19-20:  Get an introduction/review of the Ed°Essentials and a comprehensive workshop on how they can be implemented in your school.

July 17-18:  Take a closer look at student engagement, PBL, Deeper Learning and the importance of advisories to build relationships.

Aug 1-2:  Go on a deep dive into the Hope Survey and learn how to use results to inform practices and plan future PD.

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