Personalized Learning & PBL Category 7

Here is a collection of articles written on the EdVisions model and network schools.

Personalized Learning and Project Based Learning articles

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Category 7: All students and staff engage in quiet reading every day.

Gordon, C. (2010). Meeting readers where they areSchool Library Journal56(11), 32.

The article examines popular conceptions about reading and the myths and realities concerning literacy. The importance of sustained silent reading, the social aspects of reading, and the effectiveness of free voluntary reading are discussed. Connections between reading motivation and free choice in reading material, access to reading material and reading improvement, and the intrinsic rewards of reading are also explored.

Hilden, K., & Jones, J. (2012). Making sustained silent reading really count: Tips on engaging studentsReading Today30(1), 17.

The article offers tips for teachers on engaging their students during the Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) session. It states that teachers schedule a SSR session where students read books of choice and offers suggestions for teachers to categorize students based on their interest in reading during SSR which include fake reader, compliant readers, and bookworms. It advices teachers to monitor students' reading, building accountability for disinterested readers, and motivating reluctant readers.

Kaaland, C. (2017). Creating a climate of voracious readers: The impact of major school library fundingTeacher Librarian45(1), 26.

The article focuses on the funding the Tacoma School District (WA) school libraries in Washington which provides equitable access to academic resources and opportunity of free choice reading materials among students. Topics include the necessities in ordering books and reading resources for the libraries among librarians and administrators, the strategies implied by library leadership team in filling the orders, and the effect of funding on reading interest and activities of students.

Makatche, K., & Oberlin, J. U. (2011). Building a culture of readingSchool Library Monthly28(3), 12.

The article discusses the importance of participation of the entire school community in building a culture of reading. It states that the whole community must be on board with books to be successful. It highlights the effort of the librarians at Warrior Run School District (WRSD) in Pennsylvania to get everyone in the community to build a culture of reading. It mentions the Monday Morning Read reading program which was established to provide for sustained silent reading (SSR).

Siah, P., & Kwok, W. (2010). The value of reading and the effectiveness of sustained silent readingClearing House83(5), 168.

In this article, we explore the association between students’ value of reading and their behavior during a sustained silent reading (SSR) period, and their attitudes toward SSR and reading leisure books. 362 secondary students participated in this study and data were collected by means of a questionnaire. The results showed that more students in the high value of reading (HVR) group behaved better during SSR periods and had a more positive attitude toward SSR and leisure book reading than those in the lower value of reading (LVR) group. The value of reading was also found to be associated with the frequency of interaction with parents in reading activities, and we thus suggest that parents should be involved in the SSR program.