Personalized Learning & PBL Category 2

Here is a collection of articles written on the EdVisions model and network schools.

Personalized Learning and Project Based Learning articles

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Category 2: Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) for all students emphasizing student needs, interests and goals.

Atkenson, S., & Will, M. (2014). Progress report: Race to the top & personalized edEducation Week, S16-S19.

The article profiles 16 U.S. school districts awarded grants through the Race to the Top educational program. Details are given listing the amount of funding issued; their organizational goals regarding personalized learning, technology, and metrics; and their future plans. Districts mentioned include the Puget Sound Educational Service District of Washington State, Guilford County Schools of Greensboro, North Carolina, and the New Haven Unified School District of Union City, California.

Davis, M. R., & Loewus, L. (2017). Students tell their tales of new ways of learningEducation Week37(12), 25-28.

The article offers various examples of student's classroom experiences learned about personalized learning and mistakes schools have made in implementing new instructional model. According to the author, experts recommend that technology should be a tool to meet academic needs and interests of students, and emphasize role of the teacher in classroom organization letting students control the pace of their work.

McNeil, M. (2013). Race to top districts 'personalize' plansEducation Week32(26), 1-17.

The article examines how the 16 U.S. school districts awarded federal grants through the Race to the Top (RTT) competition are applying the funds to personalized learning initiatives. It notes that districts in states such as New York and Nevada are developing policies in which students advance in grade level when they show mastery of grade-level standards rather than based on time spent in class. Investments in educational technology and increased bandwidth are also covered.

(2011, September 7). Spotsylvania County Schools Fourth VA District to Empower Students with Naviance TechnologyPR Newswire US.

Arlington, Va., Sept. 7, 2011 -- Naviance, the leading provider of measurable student success solutions for K-12 schools and districts, announces its partnership with Spotsylvania County School to provide the district's five high schools with Naviance Succeed®, a platform that helps schools develop multiyear, personalized learning plans. Fueled by the 2009 Board of Education revision mandating personal learning plans for each middle and high school student across the state, Spotsylvania sought a partner to help its students align academic and career goals with their courses of study.

The core 4 elements crucial to personalized learning. (2016). District Administration52(7), 24-25.

The article offers the authors' insights on the aspects of the four core elements of personalized learning which include integrated digital content, data-driven decision, targeted instruction, and student reflection and ownership. It explores concepts of the implication of technology on education, the role of culture in developing natural motivation among children, and the importance of providing students the opportunities to reflect on their experiences.