A Vision For Education

A Vision For Education



EdVisions is a non-profit educational development organization focused on innovation through personalization, teacher and student empowerment and student-driven, project-based learning. Our organization provides support for school transformation and new school development, including coaching, workshops, conferences, access to research and a variety of instructional and assessment tools.


The Ed°Essentials consist of four major components: a small learning community, self-directed project based learning, authentic assessment and teacher ownership.


The comprehensive evaluation plan (ECAP) is designed to encapsulate a wide variety of data from past EdVisions sites that have been proven models. This is to provide data that can be aggregated and correlated by researchers. This data can provide statistical proof that the EdVisions model helps young people develop dispositions, habits and skills that make them successful in life.


The Hope Survey, powered by EdVisions, is designed to give schools a comprehensive tool that assesses the school climate and culture from the students' viewpoint. The Hope Survey can pinpoint strengths as well as areas for improvement. The results from the Hope Survey inform staff and administrators with quantitative data to help design proactive plans to improve school practices and procedures in order to enhance and enrich the school climate, culture and the student experience


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