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Tracy Money

Executive Director


In 2005, Tracy founded and led an EdVisions small high school in a conservative school district in Washington State. This was one of the first project-based learning schools in Washington and it remains in successful operation today. That experience ensured ongoing action research in deeply personalized, self-directed learning, elevating Tracy’s expertise and determined advocacy for systemic change in public education. Selected as one of 25 leaders that formed the first cohort of Harvard University’s innovative Doctor of Education Leadership program, Tracy used that opportunity to hone skills in adult development, organizational development, and building infrastructure for sustainability and scale. She gets excited about empowering continuous improvement for individuals and schools, applying her skill with conducting program review, gathering and analyzing data, designing and facilitating professional development, and coaching others one-on-one..

In addition to the EdLD degree, Tracy holds a Bachelor’s in K-12 Education, a master’s degree in Curriculum Development, and principal certification. A curious and avid learner, Tracy’s career has centered around building programs that connect others to their own passion for learning. She has taught, designed, and led personalized learning programs at all levels K-16. Tracy has been a thought leader and essential partner for creative education initiatives across the country. No matter what the project, Tracy’s mantra is “Joy is an essential part of learning and laughter mixes naturally with serious discussion and hard work.”


James Lewicki

Chief Development Director


James taught for 17 years and was recognized as a Wisconsin Teacher of the Year Finalist and Kohl Teaching Fellow. Prior to teaching, James was a YMCA Camp Director directing both resident and day camps in Washington, Hawaii, and Wisconsin. A national leader in place-based learning, James brings coaching experiences from over 10 years working directly with 100+ new and innovative elementary, middle, and high schools across 20 states. He has worked with dozens of EdVisions schools.

With the challenges and opportunities abundant today, James is passionate about supporting cohesive educator collaboratives in schools and districts where educators can address the issues of the day.

James holds a Masters Degree in Education and another Masters Degree in Outdoor Education. He is a former instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and most recently was a Principal of a new K-8 place-based elementary in Western Colorado and Principal of a K-5 Fine Arts school in Ft. Collins. He is a graduate of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington where personalized interdisciplinary learning was affirmed for him as a lifelong pedagogy and pathway.

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