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EdVisions Mission

Reimagining Public Education for 21st Century Students

EdVisions is a non-profit educational development organization established in 2000.

EdVisions exists to serve the student, to advocate for and design public education systems that ensure quality education for all students, and to provide tools and resources necessary to design and maintain such systems. We focus on equity through personalization, teacher and student empowerment, and self-directed, project-driven learning. The aim of this democratic learning and leading is to develop inspired learners who are prepared for post-secondary success in college, careers, and global citizenship.

Reaching, developing and supporting the adults who serve our students and influence the structuring of schools is essential to this work.

Building the EdVisions Network

EdVisions has evolved over twenty-two years, supporting progressive schools across America, as well as schools in Japan and the Netherlands.

We were initially established as a part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Small High Schools initiative and later a member of the Alternative High Schools Initiative and the Hewlett Foundation's Deeper Learning Network.

Our work grew out of the Midwest in the Minnesota New Country School in Henderson, Minnesota, one of the first and most innovative project-based learning high school models in the world. We also helped guide Avalon in St.Paul, Minnesota, a successful public charter school that utilizes the EdVisions’ model of self-directed learning and teacher leadership. Both schools are well-established and thriving examples of quality education.

EdVisions continues to grow and strengthen a network of world class schools across America engaged in creating and sustaining deeply personalized learning environments.

We help leaders and participants in the public education system to focus quickly on what matters by asking the right questions, providing the right tools and essential resources to assist with timely, sustainable, innovative school design and redesign, leadership development, and assessment of student development and organizational health.


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Our story of successful schools,

our startup, research and development have been reported in major education journals in the United States and internationally. Five books have been published describing the EdVisions model, learning program, and results.

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