Becoming a member of the Ed°Network is easy!

Annual membership and access to a membership only area on our website is free for individuals who attend an EdVisions event or workshop and for schools that utilize our training or coaching.

  • Distinction as an EdVisions model school
  • Access to EdVisions electronic and print resources
    • Tools, templates, student/staff project resources
  • Access to all network communications and opportunities
  • Networking Groups (Face-to-face and online)
  • Access to coaches
  • Live, interactive Webinars
  • Invitation to immersion tours of EdVisions Schools (learning experience)
  • Access to EdVisions tools/templates
  • Priority in registration for EdVisions’ events/programs
  • Professional development cadre preference
  • Opportunity to pilot EdVisions new development components
  • Access to research activities
  • EdVisions Comprehensive Assessment Plan service preference
  • Network electronic platform preference

Our school learning environments allow for authentic, community-based learning through self-directed, guided, project-based learning experiences that are relevant and authentically assessed so that students are fully engaged (and inspired), cognitively,  behaviorally and emotionally.         

Our schools have engaging learning environments that provide for pre-adolescent and adolescent needs; autonomy through personal inquiry and choice; belongingness through full-time advisories; and mastery goal (competency-based) orientation through projects of choice and authentic assessment.

When you become a member of the Ed°Network, the following tools and resources are available to you:

  • Strategic planning tools
  • Board training ideas & activities
  • Establishing community support guidelines
  • Advisory grouping ideas and activities
  • Project-based learning projects ideas and best practices
  • Personal Learning Plans templates
  • Assessment tools for projects and standards alignment
  • Performance and demonstration assessment examples
  • Guidelines for using formative assessment data
  • Annual report templates
  • Operational manual for starting a charter school or transforming a traditional school

We are currently collecting summary information on all the schools that utilize the Ed°Essentials. Please see the list of these schools on our Ed°Network map. Check back soon for more information. If you are interested in visiting and learning from a school in the network, contact EdVisions at We will work with the school to customize your visit to meet your needs.