The Vision

Let's improve public education together.

As educators, you are contributing to the transformation of individual students and public education as a whole. The curriculum for quality education starts with you.

You have huge goals and minimal spare time.

We recognize your capacity as teachers and administrators and will work alongside you to develop personalized pedagogy, increase leadership capacity, improve existing systems, and design new ones.
Everyone deserves a quality education that facilitates a passion for learning. One that thrives on and fosters curiosity, creativity, and inquiry; one that activates student agency.
– Dr. Tracy Money, Executive Director

The principles


1. Relational Learning Community

Create personalized settings in which each student is known and collaborative relationships are built across and among both students and adults.

2. Purposeful Self-Directed Learning Practices

Empower students as self-directed producers and learners through personalized learning plans and inquiry-based experiential opportunities feeding project-driven learning..

3. Comprehensive Authentic Assessment

Expand assessment beyond standardized testing to measure life skills in addition to academic learning; simultaneously measure the health of the school environment and its impact on learning.

4. Democratic Learning and Leading

Inspire active participation from students, teachers, and parents in decision-making that leads to school and educational success; view school processes as an apprenticeship for democracy.

Informed Assessment

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Empowering Events

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Practitioner Toolkit

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Increasing positive Influence

For quality education

As an educator, you deserve:

  • Voice and choice in all decisions that impact the learning environment
  • A sense of shared values and goals with your school and the community it thrives in
  • The capacity to achieve your goals
  • Time to build relationships with coworkers and students
  • Time to create relevant learning materials for each student

We share evidence-based practices, tools, and skills that can be put into use immediately.

You’ll see quick and noticeable improvement in school processes, results, and culture. We support your leadership development as you prepare your students to be happy, healthy, and engaged citizens both now and in the future.

EdVisions Reach


committed to developing and Supporting

learner-driven schools of hope

Research has shown that learning environments intentionally designed to build autonomy, belongingness, and competence in teachers and students result in high levels of engagement and overall hope. This also results in increased academic achievement and the increased development of key skills necessary for success in life.


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