Summer Learning Series

August 02, 2018

Summer Learning Series

1667 Snelling Ave N, St. Paul MN 55108

EdVisions will be hosting three 2-day workshops this summer to share research-based, proven practices of student-centered learning. Sessions will be co-facilitated by practitioners from award-winning, student-centered schools. All workshops will be hands-on opportunities, so participants are able to plan for more personalized practices that they can begin implementing right away! Special discounts offered for teams of 4 or more from one school or those who register for all three sessions to get comprehensive training over the summer.

Check out the workshop topics and choose the one(s) that fit your professional development needs. All workshops will take place at our offices in the TIES building in St. Paul, MN. Each day will start at 8:30 and end at 3:30 – breakfast and lunch provided.

View and register for all of our events at

***If you would like to register for all 3 sessions, please use offer code SUMMERTRIPLE for 10% off when registering for each session. If you would like to register a group of 4 or more from your school, please use offer code EDVGROUPS for 10% off each registration price. To bring a group to all 3 sessions, use both codes for the most savings!***


June 19-20: Get the Ed°Essentials

Are you interested in more personalized learning for your students but not sure how to get started?  This seminar provides the research-based practices that work in the most innovative schools and classrooms!  Come explore the essentials needed to start transforming your school or classroom. Participants will learn how creating an authentic learning community, providing student-directed project-based learning experiences and providing authentic feedback raises motivation and engagement.  Participants will be provided time to apply the new learning, so teams are highly encouraged to attend.

July 17-18: Refocus on Learners 

Are you ready to go deeper into the learner-centered movement?  This seminar, led by teachers deeply immersed in the work will provide the strategies and practices that raise engagement and deepen the learning for all students.  Participants will learn how to address the social and emotional needs of students while improving the learning outcomes through dynamic, student-centered pedagogy and personalization.

August 1-2: Assessing What Really Matters

Learn how to improve your school’s culture and meet the emotional and social needs of your students through practices that are proven to lead to better educational outcomes.  This seminar draws on a data-driven approach that includes the use of the research-based Hope Survey to drive the interventions and approaches to improve your students’ experiences.  Participants will learn how to measure and raise engagement, a sense of belonging, motivation and hope.