Personalized Learning Philosophy and Practice

July 10, 2019

Personalized Learning Philosophy and Practice

Appleton, WI

Interested in personalized learning? Join our FREE, day-long workshop on Personalized Learning Philosophy and Practice! Taking place on July 10 in Appleton WI, this course will get you up to speed on the latest work in PLPS. To register, visit

Course Description:
Personal Learning Plans throughout the United States have frequently devolved into an assignment and/or a tool for compliance and high stakes testing. Students and educators in learner centered environments have reinvented personal learning plans into a powerful tool for transformation and personal growth. Hear how teachers join with their students in using personal learning plans as a central hub of their school and their school culture.

Participants will explore practices to implement personalized learning plans for themselves and school communities. This course contains access to a new PLP book and related resources released just this year that are designed for both students and adults at all levels. We will be sharing practical tools and resources that are currently being used in highly successful schools that will allow you to create your own practice. After completing this course you will also be invited to join an open-sourced network of schools engaged in transformational personal learning practices.