Ed°Expo 2018 Twin Cities

January 26, 2018

Ed°Expo 2018 Twin Cities

1644 Larpenteur Ave W Falcon Heights, MN 55113

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The EdVisions Ed°Expo 2018 Twin Cities: Fuel your vision! event will be held in St. Paul, MN on January 26, 2018.  Leaders, educators and innovators transforming their schools and districts will share their experiences personalizing learning and creating opportunities for deeper, more relevant learning. Students will share how learner-centered approaches have impacted their school experience and their lives.

Attendees will enjoy networking opportunities, workshops and activities, student presentations and project demonstrations, powerful keynotes and immersive school tours. Participants will learn about the drivers of personalization through the EdVisions design essentials (Ed°Essentials), get inspired by fellow educators, and find tangible, proven ways to start transforming the learning in their school or classroom.

In addition to excellent content and dialogue, participants can see the Ed°Essentials in action through a school immersion visit to a learner-centered school (transportation provided). There will be opportunities to talk with teachers and students and see student-driven, PBL in action. Space is limited, and advance sign-up is required.

If you are interested in project-based learning (PBL), student voice and choice, the importance of social/emotional learning, career pathways and future ready learning, this day of learning is designed for you!  Come spend the day learning from practitioners and students from successful, learner-centered schools and programs.

CEU and grad credits available. Breakfast, lunch, and refreshments provided.

January 26, 2018
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Registration begins at 7:30 am

TIES Conference Center
1644 Larpenteur Ave W
Falcon Heights, MN 55113




Opening Keynote:  Jemar Lee:

Jemar Lee was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Jemar is a senior in High School and attends Iowa BIG. Iowa BIG is a learner-centered environment that makes learners into makers, designers, storytellers, and social entrepreneurs with exposure and interactions with organizations, business partners, and the community. Jemar is a firm believer that education needs to be restructured for the benefit of all learners, to make sure we enjoy our learning and fully succeed. He believes, “changing the structure of education won’t be easy, but we can do it!”

Student Voices: Student Ed°x

Throughout the conference, students from area schools committed to personalized learning will share their experiences through compelling stories delivered in 5 minute Ed°x format (think Tedx). Students from Minnetonka’s Vantage program, Minnesota Center for Advanced Professional Studies, and several other EdVisions inspired schools will share their experience as a learner in a student-centered school.  

Morning Sessions:

What Powers Personalization? 10:00-10:45

What is essential to fuel a learner-centered environment? This session will explore the power of authentic learning communities, student-centered, project-based learning, authentic assessment and teacher empowerment as critical drivers to personalize the learning for all students!

Student Panel:  11:00-12:00

Students from a variety of K-12 learner-centered schools will answer critical questions about personalized learning from their perspective.  Topics addressed during this session will include how students’ strengths and passions are considered in their learning, how they are empowered to meet standards, how they demonstrate mastery and how they set the pace for their learning.

Immersion visits:  11:00-2:00 p.m (Advanced sign-up required)

See the Ed°Vision essentials in action!  Participants can sign up for an immersive school visit to a learner-centered school with transportation provided. There will be opportunities to talk with teachers and students and see student-driven, PBL in action. Space is limited, and advance sign-up is required.

Avalon Charter School, St. Paul, MN: Grades 6-12

Avalon School considers their teacher-powered school, their emphasis on project-based learning, student ownership of their learning, authentic assessments, and creating a democratic school community as areas of particular strength. Content-rich curriculum, a positive school culture, meaningful interpersonal communication, community partnerships, and a focus on social justice and equity are also evident. Video: https://youtu.be/o_hS0VT-xrk

High School for Recording Arts, St. Paul, MN: Grades 9-12

High School for Recording Arts demonstrates cultural responsiveness through project-based learning, mentoring, and job training, and boasts state-of-the-art music production and recording studios. Video: http://www.hsra.org/Our-Work.aspx

Lunch & Learn: Project Gallery & Power Up Discussion Groups 12:00-1:00

Lunch time will be a time to fuel your body and your mind! Students from PBL schools will be on hand showcasing and discussing their projects or participants can choose to join one of the Power Up discussion discussion groups facilitated by industry experts.

Power Up Discussion Choice 1: How will you know if your learner-centered approach is working? Dr. Scott Wurdinger, professor of experiential learning and leadership studies at Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota, Mike Tillman, an expert in authentic assessment and EdVision’s Dr. Ron Newell will facilitate the discussion of evaluation and assessment in transformative environments.

Power Up Discussion Choice 2: Managing PBL: How can educators and students keep track of all their projects and growth toward standards and outcomes?  Creators of Edio will facilitate the dialogue on a platform that facilitates project-based learning from start to finish allowing students to become self-empowered learners, teachers to focus on mentoring great work and schools to be future-ready.

Power Up Discussion Choice 3: New exciting opportunities to earn free college credit, starting in the 9th grade. With college costs constantly increasing, Minnesota offers more opportunities than any other state to earn free college credit. This discussion with Joe Nathan of the Center for School Change will review the options to take such courses in a high school, taught by high school faculty, on-line, taught by high school or college faculty, and on a campus. Some of these opportunities were created in 2017, so this discussion will include everything currently available.  Useful for families, students and educators.


Afternoon Sessions: 1:00-1:45

Session A: Unlocking the new Hope Survey, measuring socio-emotional growth

Learn how to use the newly upgraded Hope Survey to measure and collect critical information that results in an optimal school culture and increased student success. We will provide an overview of how the survey is used; reporting tools and interventions that will take your school to next level.

Session B: Teacher Panel on PBL

Learn from teachers about what their students have gained through project-based learning.  Hear about how PBL promotes communication, collaboration and critical thinking while promoting student voice and choice.  

Late Afternoon Session Choices: 2:00-2:45

Session A: Project-Based Learning 101

New to Project-Based Learning? Learn about key elements of PBL and discuss what the spectrum of implementation could look like in your school.

Session B: Minnetonka Innovates!

As a school district committed to excellence and innovation, Minnetonka has developed a portfolio of game-changing programs. Their goal is to provide support for leaders from innovative schools and districts, so that students everywhere can benefit.  

Innovation is hard work, but their collaborative approach and bias toward action provides a shared ownership and a collective efficacy that will give participants the confidence to lead through the challenges of change…and open the door to a better future for their students.

Session C: Teacher Powered Schools

What happens when teachers call the shots? Learn how Teacher Powered Schools can empower teachers as professionals and transform learning! Hear from Minnesota teachers leading the teacher powered movement.   https://www.teacherpowered.org/

Closing Keynote: Curt Johnson: Let’s Get Personal 3:00-3:45

Education is in the early stages of massive change.  Velocity of change . . . without any historical precedent . . . upending long established practices in nearly every part of the “information” industry, which comprises a wide range of sectors from music to news to education.  This industry is destined for disruption. Slow, steady, even sneaky, but inevitable in its consequences. A couple of decades from now, who knows what forms learning will take? Will the notion of going to a place called “school” be quaint, antiquated?

The educational equivalent of the WWII problems is now the achievement gap. Actually, it is more than one gap — including how far behind most American students are from their global competitors. But the one commanding the most attention and media coverage is between whites and students of color. We will never hear this at most conferences, but this gap is likely permanent. It may even grow larger. Until and unless we “get personal.” Until the industry gets serious across all its dimensions and politics about truly personalizing learning.

The publisher of Citiscope, Curtis Johnson brings decades of experience as a manager of nonprofit enterprises, extending from college presidencies to heading a regional think tank, to a stint as chief of staff to a U. S. governor. He was also chair of one of the United States’ two regional governments. He co-authored hundreds of feature newspaper articles for more than two dozen newspapers and three books with Neal Peirce about regional and urban issues. He also co-authored the 2008 award-winning book, Disrupting Class, with Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn.


Closing Activity: 3:45-4:00

January 26, 2018
8:30 am to 4:00 pm
Breakfast and registration beginning at 7:30
TIES Conference Center